Do you have an interest in Music? Is it more than just a hobby?

Beatsabar in Wolverhampton is offering you the chance to learn valuable skills to help you turn your
hobby into a career.
Over 3 days you will attend sessions from 9:30 til 4pm with an hours lunch break.
This is suited for those who are a budding or more established artist, who needs guidance on the
best ways to try and break the industry.
You may be an MC, a Rapper, Singer, Producer and/or Songwriter, so this is a great opportunity for

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Youth Employment UK

Young people driving the skills agenda
Article provided courtesy of Youth Employment UK –

Firstly, we launch the Youth Employability Review, the result of a large research project exploring the skills landscape undertaken earlier this year. Working with a number of expert stakeholders, including our young ambassadors, we investigated 26 skills identified across 86 employability frameworks to see if a unified set of skills could be agreed upon.

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Breaking through – English, Maths and ICT

This 8 week programme helps with your ability to gain confidence and skills with your core skills. It will include group work as well as individual work.  

You will overcome barriers to learning, change, your mind set and raise your aspirations. You will need to take an initial assessment to see where you’re at and what your learning needs are.

Realistic goals will be set to enable you to move forward.

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