Art of Change can offer you Professional support

Art of Change can offer you Professional support and guidance in how you cope with things that may be affecting you on a regular basis.

Art of Change can offer you support as either an individual or in a group.
What are the differences?

Here you will work alongside a Trained Professional and others in the same boat as you to improve your confidence, increase courage, overcome stumbling blocks, gain more motivation and tackle your anxieties and fears.

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Stay safe, stay in control

Looking after your personal safety is key! Want to find out more?

Advance in Wolverhampton can offer a workshop that will empower you to stay safe and take control!

You will find out about –

Bullying and Hate Crime

  • What is it?
  • What types are there?
  • What can you do about it?
  • How can you cope?

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Ready to take on a Project? Ready for a challenge?

Create a Future can offer you the chance to work on a project!
You will get to choose a project that interests you. You may need access to the internet or a library to complete the work needed.
It is up to you how long you work on your project and when. You can go to the Organisations location to work on the project or you can do it at home or at your Hub. They will stay in contact with you by phone or email to help you keep focussed.

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Want to get creative with Floristry?

Ideal for All can offer you an opportunity to get involved in a local community project involving floristry and all the creative aspects of flower arranging. You will get the chance to learn or expand on your skills. You will get to work alongside professional florists, horticultural therapists and gardeners who will guide you along your way.

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Just Straight Talk

Are you ready on focus on finding a job?

You may be getting closer to being work ready and need some extra help with your CV. Just Straight Talk can offer you group sessions within your Hub.
Whilst you may be working with your Job Coach at your Hub individually, but you may want some additional time to add to your CV, job search with support and gain general advice and guidance.

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