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Although we have our normal office hours of 9.30am – 5pm for our young Adults to meet through appointments with their Mentors, we also have Drop In sessions where our young Adults can socialise in a safe environment, find out about new projects and get involved in activities such as Yoga, Football, Boxercise, Digital Music production, DJing and quizzes based on subjects such as sexual health. As our young Adults are from all walks of life we try to get all attending and interacting with each other as much as possible. The Central Hub is hosted by Gazebo Theatre.
In addition to excellent individual mentoring and access to a wealth of opportunities , training and support, we offer a wide range of activities focused around creativity, and adopt a holistic approach. This includes interview role play, working with professionals in the fields of music, media, theatre and the arts and Drama and Creative Arts Therapy. Our two new therapy rooms have been built to support the delivery of Therapy, Yoga, Counselling and 1-1 Tutorial Sessions for Maths and English.
Our Community Internet Café serves freshly made, healthy food and drinks and provides opportunities for clients to gain work experience and training as well as enjoy nutritious meals. We also have a beautiful refurbished ballroom, where functions are held, giving clients the opportunity to get involved with events management, technical operation and bar work. We have a media suite and studio facilities including green screen for digital music and film production and leisure facilities including table tennis and computer gaming.
We work closely with local businesses, voluntary sector organisations and theatre and media companies, ensuring we are able to provide great opportunities. Clients have participated within our theatre tours, film productions, building work, events, administration, marketing and worked with partners across a range of fields.

Meet Our Central Hub Team

  • David Campbell

    David CampbellSenior Mentor

    I have been working with Young Adults for over 12 years supporting those hard to reach. I have a passion in helping Young Adults to understand they are somebody in life. I love watching movies, my favourite is The Shawshank Redemption.

  • Therese Collins

    Therese CollinsMentor

    I have worked as an arts worker and Mentor for over 20 years specialising in vulnerable Young Adults and adults with special needs. I have worked in theatre for 28 years and made videos for the NHS.

  • Melissa Hurlbutt

    Melissa HurlbuttMentor

    I have been working in arts education for the past 10 years. I thrive in a creative environment and facilitating workshops that allow young people to investigate. I love watching films and planning my next holiday!

  • Luke Dell

    Luke DellMentor

    I have a passion for helping Young Adults overcome various barriers they may be facing. I have worked on a number of projects supporting them back onto a positive path. I enjoy creating documentaries and short films on world issues.

  • Andy Coulter

    Andy CoulterMentor

    I am pleased to have the opportunity to support Young Adults to overcome barriers to achieve the life they want. I took some time out to look after my children and find a way to make a living without having to work. The search goes on…

  • Grace Grant

    Grace GrantMentor

    I have worked with many Young Adults, children and families which impacted on me as a mentor today. Supporting those wanting to make change that is sustainable. Favourite food: I prefer an “All you can eat” restaurant.

  • Maria

    MariaJob and In Work Support Coach

    I am excited to be working with the young people involved in Talent Match. In my role as a job coach, I hope to support and encourage young people to achieve their personal goals. I enjoy to dramas and going to the theatre.

  • Rob

    RobYouth Leader

    I am 21 years young and have experience in helping young people with life skills. I enjoy the gamer’s life and I am not good at finding the right bus. I have no idea what slang is.

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