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Do you need a forklift driving qualification?

Do you need a Forklift Truck driving qualification? Or maybe you need further training or a refresher?
GTG Training offer a range of Forklift truck training opportunities, whether you have never used one before, through to advancing your skills.
You can access a 5 day course if you have little to no experience where you will gain a license and experience with Count Balance, if successful.
For those who already hold the license but wish to advance their skills, you are able to do a 2 day conversion course. This course allows you to add an additional machine onto your license.
If you have your license but haven’t used a forklift for a period of time, you are able to attend a 1 day refresher course to get to grips with it again. This is great for those who did the training a short time ago and want to jog their memory if a job opportunity has arose.

If this sounds like something you need, then ask your Mentor to find out more.