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NEC Skills show 17/11/2017

Myself and the team visited the NEC skills show in Birmingham on Thursday 17/11/2017. A selected few joined the Youth Summit, which was a huge debate with loads of young people about different topics across the UK. The topic of the day was ‘are career advisers needed? And how can we make them better’. We got spilt up into groups and discussed bad and good points about careers advisers and we as a team created a 3 minute pitch to present to judges. Our team, as well as 4 other teams, were stand out performers so we got a chance to perform our pitches in front of a live audience and judges.

Jamie Meese
Overall it was a fantastic day, it got us thinking and challenging ourselves by being on a live stage in front of loads of people. We had fun and met a load of new friends from all across the country who want to represent the Youth voice within the UK. We would recommend for others to be involved in the Youth Summit to experience this fantastic group.

John Lawley
When arriving at the skills show I was quite anxious but as the debate went on I become more and more comfortable. I had the chance to meet some incredible people including fellow Youth Ambassadors. We had to work as part of a team to come up with a 2 minute pitch about whether careers advisers are necessary. This was a great experience and would do it again sometime. I feel everyone was great to talk to and they all made me feel welcomed within the team. I was also invited to sit with the MP Robert Halfon which was another amazing experience as he took his time out to listen to us young people.