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Sandwell Hub can be found very easily we are located on West Bromwich High Street with great public transport links, lots of buses run just outside and a tram stop is near the rear of the building. The Sandwell Hub focuses on your needs, our Mentors will work alongside you to discover, solutions and ways forward.We know that if you are having problems or issues with matters such as housing, lack of confidence, debts or anything else, focusing on finding a job or getting training can be the furthest thing from your mind.
Our Mentors will work with you at your own pace to come up with a plan of action for how we can best move forward, dealing with the problems that you feel are holding you back. Yes our goal will always be to get you into a job or training, but we know this is a journey and we want you to learn new skills, feel more confident and have some fun along the way.
We offer a range of activities, programmes and support to help you along the way, you need to tell us what you want and what you need, we don’t tell you! Sandwell Hub has good relationships with a range of voluntary groups. We are keen to get our mentees the work experience they need to take that next step to paid employment, get involved and make a difference in your local community, increasing your self-confidence, optimism and motivation.
Our Hub provides a warm and friendly environment where you will be welcomed by a friendly face offering tea and toast (and if you are really lucky crumpets). We want you to come in feel relaxed and share your problems and concerns, so we can get down to working with you to find employment or training. Our Hub is a safe space where both Mentors and Mentee’s can develop themselves for a brighter future.

Meet Our Sandwell Hub Team

  • Shane Wedderburn

    Shane WedderburnHub Leader

    My passion has always been for Young Adults. I believe that every young person has potential that needs to be realised! If I could compare myself with any cartoon character it would be Danger Mouse!

  • Sarah Kumar

    Sarah KumarSenior Mentor

    I have worked as a youth worker guiding and encouraging young people towards a positive future. I have specialist knowledge in working alongside special needs. You will find me on a long walk in the sun.

  • Danny Reynolds

    Danny Reynoldsmentor

    I found how beneficial having a Mentor can be, my Mentor helped me a considerable amount. My youth works enabled me to work with Young Adults in a variety of contexts. My interests are playing football, running and going to the gym!

  • Jane Weldon

    Jane WeldonMentor

    I have a housing & substance misuse background. I wanted to work as a mentor to continue to help young people to realise that they have potential and not to waste the opportunities available. My favourite comedians are Peter Kay and Mickey Flannigan.

  • Michael Wright

    Michael Wrightmentor

    I have specialised in probation, housing and criminal justice. I want to make a difference to young people and enable them to have a positive attitude. My favourite film is pulp fiction.

  • Ewen Loades Vincent

    Ewen Loades VincentJob and In Work Support Coach

    I believe that every single person is an exciting book waiting to be read! To me, this is not a job as I do not see that helping make a difference in people’s lives as work. Big Star Wars geek, Fitness lover, Caramel addict and of course… Netflix.

  • Desmond Hamilton

    Desmond HamiltonMentor

    I have 11 years’ experience in settings such as, youth offending, guns/gangs mentoring, detached/centre based and educational. My aim is to build confidence, self-esteem and self-awareness to support young people to move towards their future goals.

  • Claire Hickman

    Claire HickmanMentor

    I have a background of working in Mental Health. I enjoy supporting young people and seeing them progress. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends and walking my pug dog Stan.

  • Will

    WillYouth Leader

    I am a massive nerd who loves playing Xbox and socialising with friends. I was on the Talent Match programme and became the Outreach Worker for Dudley Hub and then became a Youth Leader. You’ve probably seen me around Talent Match events but I’ve had had my hair cut since then.

  • Sue Adams

    Sue AdamsMentor

    My background is in the employment sector, supporting and mentoring people to help them overcome barriers, I believe with a little bit of support anybody can achieve what they want to achieve. I enjoy eating out and going to the gym.

  • Aaron Richards

    Aaron RichardsMentor

    My background as a youth worker, is specialising in the creative arts. My aim is to support, Mentor and empower people to overcome barriers, break stereotypes and to reach their full potential! I also enjoy making music, and binge watching TV box sets.

  • Manjit Heer

    Manjit HeerMentor

    My background is in housing and employment and helping people overcome social barriers. I care about young people and want to see them make a better future for themselves. I enjoy fashion and going to the theatre.

  • Darren Harris

    Darren HarrisMentor

    I help others succeed. I competed at two Paralympic Games, and I wouldn't have made it without a great support team behind me. Sometimes, it just takes someone to believe in you more than you believe in yourself. I love to play especially sport and music.

  • Damien Morgan

    Damien MorganMentor

    I am passionate about helping young people overcome barriers and issues they face. I have over six years’ experience working in supported housing and employment. I enjoy the gym, MMA, movies and music. My aim is to help people achieve their goals, dreams and aspirations. The sky is the limit!

  • Margaret Slyfield

    Margaret SlyfieldMentor

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