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Talent Match Preferred Supplier Application Process


Talent Match Black Country has developed a Preferred Supplier Network to purchase and commission a variety of activities and services to support the Talent Match Black Country Young adults on their journey. This sets out the process to be followed for organisations that wish to apply to be a Talent Match Preferred Supplier.

Becoming a member of the Talent Match Preferred Supplier Network is a two stage process;

Stage one – Affiliate membership

To become an affiliate member organisations must;

  • Support the Talent Match ethos – Partnership Agreement
  • Be experienced in working with young adults 18-29 who are NEET
  • Be experienced in working with young adults from one or all of the thematic themes
  • Able to offer support to young adults on the Talent Match program that is either funded, part funded or bespoke (full Cost)
  • Able to work with young adults to develop support packages that are bespoke, innovative and support young adults through their journey
  • Meet the required minimum expectations;
    • Registered with a regulatory body i.e Charity Commission, Companies House
    • Able to provide at least two references who can confirm the quality of your service
    • Able to deliver services in one or more areas of the Black Country
  • Have the following policies and procedures:
    • Safeguarding
    • Equal Opportunities
    • Risk Assessment, managing risk
    • Health and Safety
    • Data Protection
    • Appropriate Public/Employers/Professional Indemnity Insurance
    • Financial compliance and assurance – audited accounts

Affiliate members are not guaranteed funding, however affiliate members existing services will be promoted to Talent Match Young Adults through the Communications Hub. Affiliate members will be eligible and encouraged to become a Preferred Supplier Network member.
Requests/applications to become an affiliated member can be submitted at any time to the Talent Match PSN email address: psn@bctalentmatch.com

Once received, applications will be will be assessed, this process will take a minimum of 2 weeks to maximum of 4 weeks from receipt.

Once approved as an affiliate member, the members current support offer will be promoted and circulated via the Communications Hub. To request an application please email Talent Match PSN email: psn@bctalentmatch.com


Stage two – Preferred Supplier Network

Organisations approved as an affiliate supplier will have the opportunity to submit an application to the Preferred Supplier Network each quarter.

Talent Match Black Country intends to accept onto the Preferred Supplier Network those organisations which meet the minimum requirements set out in this document. Acceptance onto the Preferred Supplier Network is not a guarantee of funding. This is Stage 2 of the process. Stage 2 will be a judgement of the application by young adults on the Talent Match programme supported by a commissioning group and may require additional information, for example, a site visit, or presentation.
Services that are already funded will not be purchased or commissioned but will still be publicised to young adults on the programme in order that they can access services as they require. A menu of these services will be made available on the Communication Hub Website. Organisations must be affiliate members in order to progress to stage 2 and to be included in the Preferred Supplier Network.

To become a Preferred Supplier Network member organisations must;

  • Be an approved affiliate member
  • Provide support that is outcome focussed and develops skills
  • Fills gaps in provision, Talent Match will not fund provision that is already available through other funding sources.
  • Support each young adult on their individualised programme, depending on their needs, these could be but are not limited to;
    • Relationship building
    • Confidence, motivation and optimism
    • Communication, interpersonal skills and decision making
    • Problem solving, teamwork and time management
    • Independent living
    • Substance misuse
    • Homelessness
    • Family Support

Successful organisations must be able to demonstrate they have:

  • A proven track record in engaging and working with young adults
  • A clear commitment to young adults as ‘experts by experience
  • A proven track record of ability and capability to deliver and report against agreed outcomes
  • Understanding and track record of outcome based monitoring and reporting
  • A proven ability to understand the local context, barriers and opportunities young adults face
  • Ability to provide value for money
  • A person centred approach to delivery

Successful organisations must be able to demonstrate they have:

  • Appropriate levels of insurance for the services provided, this will be risk depending on the nature of the activity/service
  • Health and Safety policy including risk assessment process and safe working practices for the activity/service
  • Safeguarding / vulnerable adult policy including Disclosure and Barring service checks
  • Equality Policy
  • Appropriate level of financial assurance, this will be risk based depending on the commisioned value