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The Wolverhampton Hub is situated in the city centre at YMCA Temple Street. We offer a wide range of activities, programmes and support to help you on your journey. Whether it’s housing, counselling, financial advice, health and fitness or just somewhere to go that you’re in need of we’ve got you covered.

With our wide range of support and activities you are sure to find the help you need at the Wolverhampton Hub. We want all of our mentees that come on Talent Match and have the time of their lives whilst making some real and tangible steps towards a better future.

With the Hub being situated in the YMCA it provides our mentees with a unique opportunity to access all the support services that the YMCA offers; these include supported housing, family intervention services, health and wellbeing services, changing your health for life, YMCA night stop service, employment and skills, job club… and the list goes on. The YMCA also has a wide range of volunteering and work placement opportunities for Talent Match mentees

At Wolverhampton we’re big on doing, we don’t want to just help people to get into work but we want to help them get into life. We do this by offering lots of group and social activities allowing our mentees to meet new people and have new and life changing experiences. From caving to high ropes, from visiting the shops to visiting other countries we can access opportunities that will both challenge and empower you to be the best ‘you’, you can be.

Talent Match Wolverhampton’s number one aim is to walk with people from where they are now to where they want to be, it’s not about us prescribing to people what we want them to do – but rather learning from them what they want to achieve and giving them all the support we possibly can to help them get there. Dare to dream, dare to do, dare to be!


Meet Our Wolverhampton Hub Team

  • Phil Gray

    Phil GraySenior mentor

    I’ve worked with children and Young Adults for over 15 years. I love my job because I love people and believe no matter how bad somebody’s life situation is it can be turned around. I also love good food and a good movie!

  • Tara Bourne

    Tara Bournementor

    You will often hear me before you see me. I grew up certain I would be an actress but happily swapped to rock climbing and residentials with Talent Match. I’m always singing and not necessarily in tune.

  • Manjit Khera

    Manjit Kheramentor

    I have enjoyed working with people and helping them learn more about themselves. I enjoy spending times with my mentees and helping them grow and achieve their goals. I enjoy swimming, going for walks and spending time with friends and family.

  • Shreece Dennis-Beecher

    Shreece Dennis-Beechermentor

    I have an empathy and desire to make a difference in someone’s life. Tis led me to work with Young Adults on various roles and also in family intervention. Acting is something I like to dabble in and out of when I can.

  • Samantha Gregory

    Samantha Gregorymentor

    I have worked with Young Adults since I was a Young Adult so it’s my passion. Talent Match is fresh, new and inspiring which I aim to be. My dream is living life out a VW camper van and a new destination each day.

  • Ewen

    EwenJob and In Work Support Coach

    I believe that every single person is an exciting book waiting to be read! To me, this is not a job as I do not see that helping make a difference in people’s lives as work. Big Star Wars geek, Fitness lover, Caramel addict and of course… Netflix.

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